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Posted on 01.04.2006 at 18:50
1. Do you still know/talk to the person you lost your virginity to? i'm a whore, i can't even remember all the people i had sex with, nevermind who i lost my virginity to

2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons?
save them until i needed them.

3.What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school?
hells yeah for hootie and the blowfish, sheryl crow, and alanis morrissette

4.What is the best thing about your current job?
meeting some truly amazing people who have really opened up my mind to things

5.Do you wish cell phone etiquette was a required class?
i'm pretty sure etiquette classes should always be required for anything, people are so rude

6.Are you against marriage?
definetly not

7. Why or Why Not?
i mean it's definetly a cultural thing, but marriage is the best way to show your love for someone. and why not solidify it by getting married. plus.. there are benefits like insurance and having a huge wedding haha.

8. What's the most [messed] up food combination you've come up with?
i guess pretzels and peanutbutter. kinda gross, but i was really hungry at the time.

9. Have you been on a date in the past week?

10. If yes how did it go, if no, why not?
your mom

11. Where are you going on your next vacation?
cape cod in july, what else is new..

12. Quote a song lyric, because I told you to!
"you're the magic that holds the sky from the ground"

13. Are most of the friends in your life new or old?
i guess more old, but probably its pretty even.

15. Do you own any furniture from Ikea?
no, none are even around here except the one that just opened in stoughton

16. Are you ashamed of having it?

17. What do you wish someone would buy you?
fucking flowers, i've never gotten flowers before. dammit.

18. What do you think of hipsters?
yeah i think of hipsters jeans too, but maybe you mean hippies? why don't you be more specific next time

19. What are you wearing right now?
my fav ones, the dark ones from AE

20. When is the last time you had mom's home cookin'?
tonight actually, i had homemade pizza

21. Do you like your parents?
yes, most times..

22. Do you still live with them?

23. What state/country are you from?

24. Do you ever wish you were gay/straight?
no.. what a weird question

25. Tell us about the last conversation you had?
haha, i talked to katelyn. i called and left a message telling her to have a happy hump day, so she called back. and we talked about how we should be together on our weekly holiday.

26. Where do you see yourself in one month?
at school, working hard, having fun, and doing the same old thing i guess

27. What is your favorite smell?
i like a lot of smells, new car smell is the first that comes to mind. or coconut bay from yankee candle. that's the air freshener in my car.

28. Home Depot: pure evil or pure genius?
how about.. don't care.

29. Do you consider yourself bi-polar?
no, but i'm sure my mom disagrees with me

30. What is the time and the outside temperature at the moment?
7:02pm and probably like 20 degrees.

31. Have you ever done anything vindictive to your coworkers?
say wha? i don't believe so..

32. Have you ever gone to therapy?

33. Have you ever Played Spin the Bottle?
hahaha, yes

34. Have you ever Toilet Papered someone's house?
no, dammit that would be funny though

35. Have you ever liked someone but never told them?
story of my liiiiife

36. Have you ever gone camping?
yes, i used to camp alllll the time when i was little

37. Have you ever had a crush on your brother's friend?
maybe if i had a brother.. an OLDER brother, because that's just creepy if he was younger.

38. Have you ever been to a nude beach?

39. Have you ever drank jack daniels?

40. Have you ever had sex on the beach?

41. Have you ever had a stalker?

42. Have you ever played a prank on someone that had them really scared?
probably, but nothing comes to mind right now

43. Have you ever been embarrassed by one of your family members?
gah, you just summed up my whole family in one sentence.

44. Have you ever been in love?

45. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?
when i was in like 5th grade, does that count

46. Have you ever had a threesome?
haha well.... do stef and katelyn count?

47. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?

48. Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober one?

49. Have you ever cheated on your bf/gf?

50. Have you ever been cheated on?

51. Have you ever had sex with one of your friends?

52. Have you ever felt betrayed by your best friend?
i'm sure i have, but i can't think of anything as of right now. buuuut i know what she'd say to this question, stupid whore.

53. Have you ever felt like you were just completely rhino raped?
what the crap? you're gross.

54. Have you ever lied to your parents?
haha, again, story of my life

55. Have you ever been out of the US?
once, puerto rico

56. Have you ever thrown up from working out?
nope, but close one time.

57. Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat for a month straight?
no waay

58. Have you ever eaten 3 meals from 3 different fast food places in 1 day?
eeeew, i just puked all over you

69. Have you ever gotten so wasted you make your 5 other friends leave the bar at like 12 o’clock cause you were gonna pass out?
haha, well does leaving the club at like 12:30 count because i was falling asleep on the couch? i didn't want to leave, i told them that haha. but they sort of dragged me out.. good choice.

70. Have you ever spied on someone you had a crush on?
don't think so

71. Have you ever met someone you only know through MySpace?
definetly not

72. Have you ever slept with one of your coworkers?

73. Have you ever seen your best friend naked?
um.. all the TIME.

74. Have you ever walked in on your parents having sex?

75. Have you ever been so bored all you do is fill out stupid surveys?
no i haven't done these in sooo long. i just never update so i figured this is a good update for everyone


c dawg
chapes at 2006-01-05 02:51 (UTC) (Link)
im pretty sure 3 46 is true..no question about it....and ps you talk to this survey like its an actual person...your weird
klu106 at 2006-01-11 00:40 (UTC) (Link)
"1. Do you still know/talk to the person you lost your virginity to? i'm a whore, i can't even remember all the people i had sex with, nevermind who i lost my virginity to"

WORD.. that's my girl ;)
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