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don't say it'll stay this way forever...

Posted on 10.10.2005 at 20:05
How I feel: mellowmellow
What I'm listening to: john mayer
i hadn't been home in over a month, it was about time. i never thought i'd miss home at all, but i must say.. i was missing it. it was good to be home. not that im sick of this place because i love it here, but it was about time. i think everyone needed it. to just rewind and relax. i didn't even do much. friday katelyn brought me home and i watched the sox with my dad, (friggen sox..) and mom made a yummy dinner and i just hung out in my pjs. saturday i went grocery shopping so i could get some things to bring back to school. then i hung out, dinner, whatever, and slept over kates. there we ATE MEXICAN DIP and obviously tons more candy and junk food because thats what we do.. and i dyed her hair and we watched the family guy movie. sunday i went to target because.. that place is amazing. and then pam came over and i went with them to craft places and hung out. pam is a good time. thennn i watched law and order the rest of the night. today i did some errands with mom then she dropped me off at chapins and we went back. i unpacked all my goodies and did laundry and cleaned, and here i am. dreading homework. umm WHAT. there is a panera going into plainville. PANERA. my god. just what i need, another place to take all my money. AAAAND a tjmaxx. yesss plainville is moving up a notch. OH YEAH and we're getting a grocery store. my god what are we going to do. so yes, home was good. i didn't see many people though, meaning.. like no one at all. just kate and kendra. and surely not enough of kate. but it was neccessary, just one thing missing...

now it's time to watch those friggen yankees get their asses kicked, and do some homework. booo. oh well, at least it's sweet sixteen and oreo night.


 ~ kate ~
runingprincess at 2005-10-18 23:36 (UTC) (Link)
i fucking love and miss you.
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